Community Update Newsletter - Vol. 3

Third times the charm!

Surprisingly, we made it to our third update! Thanks to all of you, Plan Together keeps growing even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Open and interactive discussion/planning has clearly struck a chord. I was even a guest on a Strong Towns podcast (More on that below).

As more cities around the world are looking to alter their landscapes to enable social distancing and walking/biking, I think this is a tremendous opportunity to encourage the use of Plan Together to make sure these changes serve the community and make our public spaces better. Please continue to spread the word and keep contributing your ideas and thoughts!

Month Highlights

What to Read

What To Do

  • Keep Social Distancing yourself to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s very important. People’s lives depend on it.
  • Contribute: Add something new to the map.
  • Join the Slack Channel to get involved with the Plan Together community.
  • Follow us on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Email me: if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas.

Till Next Time, David Founder, Plan Together