9 New Features Added to Plan Together Since Launch

It’s been just over a month since I opened Plan Together to the public. Thousands of people have accessed the platform and hundreds of items and comments have been added to the map. Most importantly, a community of engaged citizens is starting to emerge. People care about their cities and towns. It’s very exciting!

All this activity and feedback has kept me motivated to keep adding to the software platform itself. I’ve been able to develop a solid list of features since launch.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Automatically Routing Relevant Map Items to Municipalities via Twitter: Twitter Routing
  2. Ability to Sign-In using a Google Account: Google Sign-In
  3. Email Notifications: Email Notifications
  4. Formatted Text and Image Support in Items and Comments: Rich Editor and Images
  5. Comment Sorting by Top and New: Comment Sorting
  6. Monthly Email Updates per Area: Monthly Email Area Updates
  7. Area Names in Homepage Feed: Area Names in Homepage Feed
  8. Infinite Scrolling in the Newsfeed: Infinite Scrolling in Newsfeed
  9. Map Previews when Sharing Items, Comments and Areas: Map Previews when Sharing

As you can see I’ve been busy! Plan Together is under active development and a lot more features are on the way. To keep up, please follow us on social media: